The Greek financial crisis strikes fear in Europe and the world it will trigger a contagion that could upset the global economy along with anger from people in the stricken nation that they are being humiliated.

Pope Francis said July 1 expressed his closeness to the Greek people who are suffering the effects of the current crisis, the Holy See Press Office said.

European officials have said no to further negotiations with Greece before a national referendum planned for July 5, noting that the Athens government's vote holds peril for the country no matter which option Greeks choose.

Francis described the news from Greece "regarding the economic and social situation of the country as worrying."

He said he "conveys his closeness to all the Greek people, with a special thought for the many families gravely beset by such a complex and keenly felt human and social crisis."

"The dignity of the human person must remain at the center of any political and technical debate, as well as in the taking of responsible decisions" the Pope noted.

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