Greece: Catholic Archbishop hopes for change in attitudes towards religious minorities

29 Ιαν '15, 21:42

"Although the interests and concerns of churches like ours will be secondary for the new government, I think we can be optimistic our possibilities will improve," said Archbishop Nikolaos Printezis, general secretary of Greece's six-member bishops' conference, Jonathan Luxmoore of the Catholic News Service writes in an article published by America magazine.

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Factory Gives Fighter Jet to Head of Russian Orthodox Church

19 Σεπτ '14, 18:33

MOSCOW — Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, was presented with an unlikely gift for a religious leader this week as he toured a factory in Russia's far-east - a single-seater fighter jet SU-35.

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Statement by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch on the Present Violence in Iraq

20 Αυγ '14, 09:43

The recent wave of violence against innocent families and children in Iraq has rendered the world shocked and horrified. We will not remain indifferent or silent before such irrational persecution, cultural intolerance and appalling loss of life, especially when it is caused by religious hatred and racial hostility.

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Metropolitan Onufry elected primate of Ukrainian Orthodox Church

13 Αυγ '14, 18:11

Kiev, August 13, Interfax - The Council of Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) has elected Metropolitan Onufry of Chernovtsy and Bukovina the new primate, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Zhanna Shevchenko told journalists.

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Message by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew for the Opening of the FIFA World Cup

13 Ιουν '14, 17:59

It is with great joy that we respond to the gracious invitation of Her Excellency Dilma Rousseff, the honorable President of the Federal Republic of Brazil, to offer a brief message on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in the beautiful country once known as “the land of the holy cross.”

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Why St George is a Palestinian hero

23 Απρ '14, 12:42

As England celebrates the day of its patron saint, many Palestinians are gearing up for their own forthcoming celebrations of the figure they also regard as a hero. A familiar flag flaps in the wind above a Palestinian church in the West Bank village of al-Khadr. The red cross on a white background has been associated with Saint George since the time of the Crusades.

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Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II: shared Christian heritage

4 Απρ '14, 00:32

(Vatican Radio) A focus on the shared roots of Christian faith was a theme which emerged from the meeting Pope Francis had with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip on Thursday afternoon. Also attending the private encounter in a small study beside the Paul VI hall was Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, former archbishop of Westminster and the first Catholic bishop to preach for the Royal Family since the Church of England broke from Rome in the 16th century.

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Erdogan wants to convert Αgia Sophia into a mosque

17 Μαρ '14, 10:34

Istanbul’s Αgia Sophia, one of the most famous landmarks in the world and a powerful religious symbol for both Christians and Muslims, will be turned into a mosque if Turkey’s Islamic-conservative government has its way.

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Christians in Ukraine: Ecumenism in the Trenches

6 Μαρ '14, 19:57

The religious map of Ukraine on the eve of the protests that began in November 2013 looked like a mosaic of military camps. The troops did not conduct active maneuvers nor openly attack each other. They just stayed in their tranches, while their generals occasionally met on the neutral ground to imitate negotiations on truce, which none of them really wanted. The situation changed, however, when the civil protests began in November 2013 at the central square of Kiev, the Maidan of Independence.

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Pope on Interreligious dialogue: Foster respect and friendship

29 Νοε '13, 16:56

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Thursday met with participants from the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, who are exploring the theme, “Members of different religious traditions in civil society”. Lydia O’Kane reports.

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Forced Islamization of northern Cyprus continues unabated

30 Οκτ '13, 22:47

Istanbul (AsiaNews) - News of an exchange of visits between Metropolitan Christoforos of Karpasia and the Grand Mufti of Cyprus after 18 months has met with positive reactions worldwide.

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Cleric asks for Hagia Sophia to be used as a mosque

16 Οκτ '13, 15:18

The chief cleric of Istanbul’s historical Sultanahmet Mosque requested the transformation of the Hagia Sophia Museum into a mosque during Eid prayers on Oct. 15, saying that his own mosque was becoming increasingly crowded.

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WCC General Secretary celebrates the legacy of Constantine

7 Οκτ '13, 12:59

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) honoured the legacy of the 4th-century Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, saying that Constantine promoted the values of religious freedom, peace and fruitful collaboration between the church and the state.

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Hagia Sophia mosque conversion under fire

5 Σεπτ '13, 12:51

The Order of St. Andrew the Apostle Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate released a statement criticizing the possible reconversion of the Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul into a mosque.

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The Conference of European Churches urges Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski for immediate release of Archbishop Jovan!

9 Ιουλ '13, 10:10

The Conference of European Churches, which from 3rd to 8th July held its 14th General Assembly in Budapest, at the end of its work issued an announcement in regard to the arresting and the imprisonment of His Beatitude Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje, by the authorities of FYROM.

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Το φαινόμενο της προφητείας Νέας Ιωνίας και Φιλαδελφείας Γαβριήλ: Να προσευχηθούμε για τους δοκιμαζόμενους Χριστιανούς Η Ακολουθία του Ακαθίστου Ύμνου στο Πατριαρχείο Ιεροσολύμων (ΦΩΤΟ) Εκατονταετηρίδα από τα εγκαίνια του Ι.Ν. Αγίων Κωνσταντίνου και Ελένης και απονομή οφφικίου! (ΦΩΤΟ) Αποφάσεις της Αγίας και Ιεράς Συνόδου του Πατριαρχείου Ιεροσολύμων (ΦΩΤΟ) Εκστρατεία ενημέρωσης για τη νόσο Alzheimer από την «Αποστολή» και το «Αννουσάκειο» στην επαρχία Κισάμου Τους Ηρωες του Μεσολογγίου τίμησαν οι Μεσολογγίτες της Αθήνας Παρασημοφόρηση του Μητροπολίτη Αργολίδος από τον Πρέσβη της Ουκρανίας (ΦΩΤΟ) Κύπρου Χρυσόστομος: Η Εκκλησία καλεί όλους μας σε μια συστράτευση εθνική για τη σωτηρία τής κινδυνεύουσας πατρίδας μας Εκδήλωση για την Επανάσταση του 1821 και το Φιλελληνικό Κίνημα από την Καθολική Κοινότητα Ναυπλίου (ΦΩΤΟ) Διετές Μνημόσυνο Μακαριστού Μητροπολίτου Αργολίδος Ιακώβου Β' (ΦΩΤΟ) Μετάνοια - Η Οσιακή μορφή της Αγίας Μαρίας της Αιγυπτίας Πανορθόδοξη Σύνοδος και το Κείμενο για το θεμα της ειρήνης (Β' Μέρος) Ο Μητροπολίτης Σηλυβρίας Μάξιμος στην Ιερά Κοινότητα του Αγίου Όρους O Ακάθιστος Ύμνος στα Τρίκαλα (ΦΩΤΟ) Τεσσαρακονθήμερο μνημόσυνο μακαριστού Μητροπολίτου Φωκίδος Αθηναγόρα Στον Μητροπολιτικό Ναό του Βόλου τα «Άχραντα Πάθη» (ΦΩΤΟ) Κυριακή της Οσίας Μαρίας της Αιγυπτίας: Μετάνοια και μεταμέλεια Ο Ακάθιστος Ύμνος στην Ι.Μ.Κίτρους Εκδήλωση για την 25η Μαρτίου 1821 και τα 300 + 1 χρόνια από την γέννηση του Αγίου Κοσμά του Αιτωλού
12 Μαι '11: Ο Μητροπολίτης Καπιτωλιάδος Ησύχιος για όλους όσοι επιβουλεύονται τα δίκαια του Πατριαρχείου Ιεροσολύμων
Επίκαιροι και εύστοχοι «Ιερατικοί Στοχασμοί»
Βιβλιοκρισία στο νέο βιβλίο του Αρχιμ.Θωμά Ανδρέου
ΔΙΑΠΙΣΤΩΣΕΙΣ Για τον άνθρωπο που συγκίνησε με τη χειροτονία του του Νίκου Παπαχρήστου ΑΠΟΨΕΙΣ Πανορθόδοξη Σύνοδος και το Κείμενο για το θεμα της ειρήνης (Β' Μέρος) ΜΟΝΑΣΤΗΡΙΑΚΗ ΖΩΗ Ημερίδα στο Ιερό Κοινόβιο Πενταλόφου Παιονίας Κιλκίς για την κρίση (ΦΩΤΟ) ΙΕΡΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΙΚΗ ΔΡΑΣΗ Ιεραποστολή στο Χαράρε – Μια προσωπική μαρτυρία ΕΝΟΡΙΑΚΗ ΔΙΑΚΟΝΙΑ Ιερά Παράκληση στο Μυργιάλι του Ταΰγετου ΚΥΡΙΑΚΟΣ ΛΟΓΟΣ Μετάνοια - Η Οσιακή μορφή της Αγίας Μαρίας της Αιγυπτίας


Δευ 30 Μαρ 2015

Γ' Νηστειών: Κυριακή Σταυροπροσκυνήσεως, Βίκτωρ μάρτυρας, Ευβούλη Αγία, Ζαχαρίας Μητροπολ. Κορίνθου Νέος Ιερομάρτυρας, Ιωάδ ο Προφήτης, Ιωάννης όσιος ο εν φρέατι, Ιωάννης Πατριάρχης Ιεροσολύμων, Ιωήλ ο προφήτης
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